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Time for a new front door? 5 reasons to swap doors!

The front door is much more than just an interface between the interior and exterior of a house. It is a first impression as well as an eye-catcher and offers protection from the elements and intruders at the same time. A front door should therefore not only match the architecture and design of the home but also fulfil important functions. You can read what these are and, above all, what reasons there are for a door swap in this blog post.

What distinguishes a good front door?

Every front door is a masterpiece in itself and is characterized by very individual details and features. However, the quality criteria of a good front door are always the same: stability, longevity, resistance to weather influences, thermal protection and burglar resistance. If the front door is getting on in years, it may be that it no longer meets these requirements and should be replaced. Here are our 5 reasons that speak for a new front door:

Reason no. 1: My front door does not offer me enough security against burglars!

Perfect burglary protection ensures a better sense of well-being and a higher feeling of security in your own home. If the front door can no longer be locked properly or if there is obvious damage – such as cracks or breaks in the door leaf, then it is high time for a new front door, which presents burglars with particularly large hurdles. This is done using modern techniques such as:

  • Multi-point lock: With the help of a multi-point lock, the front door is not only secured by the main lock, but also by other secondary locks, which are actuated at the same time when locking. A distinction is made between 3-, 5-, 7- or 9-point locks.
  • Securing the door hinges: The levering out of a house door can be made more difficult or prevented with specially secured door hinges and hinges. They guarantee a firm connection between the door frame and door leaf when the front door is closed.
  • Electronic security systems: Electronic security systems are also being installed more and more frequently in front doors as a supplement to mechanical precautions. These include, for example, keyless access control by code, card or fingerprint, door stations with video systems or the integration of alarm systems.
  • Safety glass: if glass, then safety glass. It banishes the security risk and makes smashing the surfaces almost impossible. You don’t have to do without the very special glass highlight in the front door.
  • Lighting: Not only the front door itself but also the entire design of the entrance area has an impact on the security of the home. Integrated outdoor lighting, which is switched on by a motion detector, helps deter burglars.


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